Monday, 15 September 2014

Asparagus risotto with roast tomatoes

Very thrilled to get asparagus in the veg box.  But it's also a school night, so no real desire for multiple courses (ie. asparagus luxury as a starter) but wanting to use it at its best.  The other fresh organic veg also coming to the party - delicious but showcasing the asparagus.

olive oil
1 red onion finely chopped
crushed garlic
risotto rice - a big handful
Italian herbs
red pepper, diced
green beans, cut into in bite sized pieces
about 3/4 litre
bunch of asparagus - stem cut into 2ish cm pieces, spears left whole
80g parmesan, grated

Roast tomatoes

olive oil

So, start with the tomatoes - roast in a little olive oil with salt in a medium oven.  For 40 minutes + ... just bring them out when the risotto is finished.


1.  sautee onion in olive oil (and celery and/or carrots finely diced,  if you have them) gently for about 6 minutes
2.  Add rice, turn until every grain is coated.
3.  Add herbs, garlic and vegetables and some stock.
4.  Stir, simmer, add stock etc.  When nearly done add asparagus spears.
5.  After another couple of minutes, turn off heat, stir in parmesan, and leave to sit for a couple of minutes.

Serve, scoff.

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