Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mushroom rarebit

Busy, busy day.  Work stuff, and family stuff.  But also yummy stuff in veg box.  So, my solution here was quick and easy stages, with some time for phone calls in between the cooking.

Olive oil
Mushrooms, field
4 eggs
Cheddar, grated
Runner beans

So, whack oven up to HOT.

Put mushrooms into a baking dish which has had a splosh of olive oil to lubricate it.
Roast mushroom (stem side down) for about 15 mins
Meanwhile, prep and chop vegetables for steaming.

Put veg on to steam.
grate cheese, stir in mustard - stir cheese and seasoning into lightly whisked eggs.
Stick egg & cheese mix onto upturned mushrooms - bake for 20 mins.
Realise there is too much egg and cheese, and that you forgot to put the sliced tomatoes on the mushrooms - so make tomato rarebit as well - egg& cheese on tomatoes - baked for 20 minutes

It was absolutely delicious.  No really!

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