Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Chickpea and red pepper curry, with gluten free chapatis

It's National curry week!  A gentle start today as what I really wanted to do was to try to make gluten free chapatis.  Normal gluten free flour is fine for cakes and pastry, but it doesn't have the elasticity you need for bread type products - so I used some specialist pizza and pasta gluten free flour - which I stock at The Mediterranean Pantry - and they worked a treat.  Really, really good - soft, a bit stretchy and a nice bite.  I wouldn't have known it was GF, if I hadn't known (if you see what I mean).


Olive oil
Mustard seeds
Fennel seeds
Cumin seeds
Urid dhal
Chilli flakes
Ground coriander
Ground turmeric
Red pepper


Gluten free flour
Natural yogurt
Cold water

1.  Make the chapati dough - mix flour with a spoonful of yogurt and enough cold water to form a dough.
2.  Kneed the dough until it is smooth and stretchy.  Wrap in cling film and chill while you make the curry.
3.  Start the curry by frying spices, chopped onion and crushed garlic, in olive oil.
4.  Add vegetables - all cut to approximately the same size as a chick pea,  Add a little water if necessary and simmer for a few minutes.
5.  When the veg are nearly ready add a drained tin of chickpeas, warm through.  Check for seasoning.  If too mild add a smidge of garam masala, if too hot add a little sugar.
6.  Take the dough for the fridge and divide into walnut sized balls, roll out on a dusting of flour.  Fry each one in a frying pan which has the lightest possible brush of oil.  (theoretically you can dry fry them, but I always burn them).  Keep warm under a clean teatowel.
7.  Serve, with natural yogurt (and any chutneys etc you fancy), scoff.

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