Friday, 15 September 2017

Baked aubergine and courgette, with toppings and rice ....

Once again the mixed requirements of the dinner table meant a main feature, and varieties of extras.  Tonight we had veggie (doesn't like rice much), meat eating but lactose intolerant and blarghh aubergines (that's me) - so it was pick and mix from baked veg, white rice, a veggie topping and a minced beef and chickpea topping, feta and pinenuts - this is mine - obvs I got to have a bit of eveything apart from yucky aubergine ... I keep trying with them, but they need to be disguised for me to really enjoy them.

Olive oil
Chili flakes
Minced beef
Stock cubes (veg and beef, respectively)
Pine nuts

1.  Cut the aubergines and courgettes in half, score the flesh in diagonals, bake for about 40 minutes.
2.  Make the toppings - in 2 pans sautee onion and garlic and a sprinkle of chili flakes.
3.  To the meat version add minced beef and brown off.
4.  Add the correct stock cube to each mixture, stir in.  Add a cup of water to each.
5.  Prep the kale by removing thick stem and shredding quite finely.
6.  Drain chickpeas - add 2/3rds to the veggie mix and 1/3rd to the beef mix.
7.  Add passata to both, stir and simmer.  Add more liquid if necessary.
8.  (optional) toast pine nuts.
9.  Serve, with crumbled feta - scoff.

We all had seconds of something - and there are 3 more portions boxed up for lunch .... win, win, win.

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