Monday, 17 February 2014

Pasta bake with spinach and pine nut salad

Assorted veg in the fridge, lovely curry last night - wanted something to ring the changes a bit tonight.  It, in all honesty, wasn't as nice as I had hoped - I am trying to keep cheese to quite a low level - if there was cheese sauce instead of yogurt it would have been much richer and nicer ... having said that - it was low fat, tasty and full of good stuff.

olive oil
green beans
fennel bulb (1/2)
italian herbs
macaroni (gluten free for us)
white wine
gram flour
natural yogurt
black pepper

pine nuts

1. Sweat chopped onions, celery and chopped fennel in olive oil.
2. Add, as you chop them the mushrooms and chopped ans and crushed garlic.
3. Sprinkle in italian herbs, season and splosh in white wine.
4.  Simmer for a bit, sprinkle in gram flour to create a bit of a sauce, stir in.
5.  Simmer until veg are at a done-ness where they are nice to eat.
6.  Meanwhile, cook pasta (in our case GF macaroni) to 1 minute before packet instructions.
7.  Turn off heat under veg when there is still a little, but not watery, sauce.
8.  Drain pasta, stir in, also add grated parmesan and enough yogurt to keep it all together.
9.  Stick it in the oven (more cheese on the top if you have it) to bake for 20 minutes.


1.   Put washed spinach leaves on a plate.
2.  Toast pine nuts in a hot frying pan - don't walk away from them - just toss them for a little while, and take off the heat before they start burning.
3.  You could make a dressing with oil, vinegar, seasoning and italian herbs ... but it's really not essentail

Serve - scoff - have seconds!  To be brutal I would prefer more soft cheese than yogurt for the bake, cos it was a bit sharp - but I enjoyed it anyway.

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