Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Roast trout ... yum ...

Got a really good deal on some fish this week, so bought some trout.  Simple treatment - but so, so, so delicious.

The timing for this dinner is ... start with the potatoes, chop and put on to boil - then put oiled tray in oven for oil to heat  - then prepare the fish, with slices of lemon in the cavity.

When the potato pieces have boiled for 5 minutes, drain and transfer to hot oil.  Turn, so that they have every surface coated in oil - put back in a hot oven.

After 20 minutes - put the fish, in an oven dish  - with oil and lemon into the bottom of the oven

- there are about 20 minutes to go now

Sautee finely diced celery in oliev oil.
Add crushed garlic and a splosh of white wine.
After 5 (ish) minutes add shredded cabbage to softenned celery.
Add a cup of frozen peas. Simmer, until all cooked.

Receive praise .

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