Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year's Eve Tapas

Happy New Year!  2015 is going to be a good one, I hope.

There has been little activity on KitchenFairies over the festivities, as I have not been at KitchenFairies HQ.  Good food has been prepared and scoffed, but not much of it photographed.

However, I did remember to take a pic of New Year's Eve's tapas fiesta.

Starting where I started, in order of cooking.

Tiny roast potatoes

Cut potatoes into bite sized pieces, par boil for 5 minutes, drain and roast in hot olive oil, sprinkled with rock salt.  Roast for about an hour.

Roast celeriac

Steam bite sized chucks of peeled celariac for about 10 minutes.  Toss in hot olive oil, add lemon wedges and garlic cloves (just bashed with the back of a knife to break skins.  Roast for about 40 minutes.

Garlic mushrooms

Cook chopped, mixed mushrooms in plenty of butter, and crushed garlic for a few minutes, add good slug of brandy, cook a little more.  Add plenty of black pepper. Keep warm.

Mixed greens

Steam chopped, washed leeks, strips of cabbage and chopped celery for a few minutes.  Stirfry briefly in olive oil, garlic and dry sherry.

Chilli chorizo

Boil chorizo chunks in red wine and chilli flakes.

Black pudding with pinenuts.

Crush black pudding, dry fry with pine nuts until oils are released, and the edges start to go a little crispy.

Also, anchovies, prawns in butter, spanish cheese, olives and cooked meats.

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