Sunday, 22 May 2011

Italian sausage casserole

Tomato and basil Italian sausages from Waitrose... so wanted to do something a bit more interesting with them.  Sliced onions and celery, softened off in a little olive oil and added garlic.  Browned off the sausages (could have done this a bit more, seems to have "washed off").  Added veg - red pepper, mushrooms, green beans and butter beans, stock cube, herbs, new potatoes and a tin of chopped tomatoes - in the oven - ignore for a hour.  Easy and delicious - some taken for outlaws today.

 Egg news - 1 yesterday - Sophie and Rosemary still resolutely broody.  Jack (cat) seems to have gone missing - I hope he's just gone for a wander and will be back soon.

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