Tuesday, 24 May 2011

National Vegetarian Week: Day 2: leek and mushroom stroganoff(ish)

Well, as these things do - it started out as leek and mushroom stroganoff, but more vegetables were added as I went along.  If it were to be a more "pure" version I would have wanted a salad or something to include the extra veg - but this way it became the easier pasta and sauce option.

No complaints form victim!  even though no meat in sight, not even a chicken stock cube.

So - what I did was - chopped and rinsed 2 leeks, sauteed these in olive oil ( about 1 tbsp) with 1 (large) crushed garlic clove and about 3 inches (chopped up) of a bunch of celery.  Once this had softened a bit I added - 1 diced red pepper, chopped mushrooms - 3 big handfuls - mixture of closed cup and chestnut and about 5 stringless runner beans - chopped, good pinch of mixed herbs.  Then added good splosh of white wine (probably about a glass), splosh of mushroom ketchup  (about 2 tbsp), a squirt of tomato puree (about 1 tbsp), salt, good ground of pepper and about a teacup of water.  Stirred - making sure the bottom wasn't catching - and left to simmer over a low(ish) heat for about 15 mins.  You could have omitted some of the veg and/or add frozen peas/ corn... just try to get an interesting balance.  Meanwhile cook tagliatelle according to packet instructions - I always try the pasta a minute or so before the suggested time to test if it is al dente.  For this recipe (and for most I suspect) just under is better than just over - so drain when it's neeeearrrly done.  Chuck drained pasta into sauce and toss, stir in creme fraiche - about 150 ml, but to what looks good (or natural yoghurt, though this might curdle if it is too hot).  Serve immediately with sprinkled paprika and chopped chives (or parsley).

Chickens - all present and correct - Sophie and Rosemary still broody - chucked them off many times - but still determined.  Cats x 2 - both home and scoffing - no more squeaking from either of them, I think they have recovered from separation trauma.  Dogs x 2 - still poddling on.  Victim - exam tomorrow - big stress - but will overcome.

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