Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pork,mustard, cider and apple casserole with veg

Didn't have long, but had outlaws expected for Sunday nosh up - so - quick casserole with pork fillet and apples from the veg box with assorted health giving greens.

Soften leeks, celery and garlic in olive oil - add bite sized pieces of pork fillet (yes, I know - criminal waste of the lean meat - but it stays tender, and doesn't need 3 hours slow cooking to be a tasty, but light stew which goes down well).  Add a couple of good splodges of grain mustard, decent slosh of dry cider and about 1/2 pint chicken stock.  Simmer for 20 mins (ish) add 3 chopped apples, bung back in oven.  Add handful of frozen peas and finish off in oven for 10 mins. (Could have stirred in creme fraiche for creamy finish - but didn't feel like it).

Meanwhile - bored with mash, and not wanting the moaning I get with plain boiled spuds... boiled some peeled spuds in smallish chunks until nearly done - drained and chucked in baking dish in a hot oven with a drizzle of olive oil for last 10 mins, to get a crispy (faux roast) potato crust. Served with steamed carrots and kale.  Yum to curly kale - yah boo sucks to one of the victims who doesn't like it... it's REALLY good for you.

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