Thursday, 26 May 2011

National vegetarian week: Day 4: Egg fried, vegetable rice

 Easy peasy - as long as you have some cooked rice - briefly sautee whatever veg you are putting in (chopped pretty small for short cooking time) - today - spring onion, mushrooms, yellow pepper, celery, tender stem broccoli, shake of mixed herbs - could easily have added peas/sweetcorn from freezer if low on veg.  Stir fry in peanut/ vegetable oil for 5-8 mins... til it seems a bit softer - add cooked rice - soy sauce - ? about 2 x tbsp, rice wine about 1 tbsp and a good grinding of black pepper.  Stir, in large frying pan for a few mins - don't let it burn.  Meanwhile - how ever you have cooked your rice (you can use micro basmati if not big on cooking rice) - add riice to frying pan - stir to make sure flavourings distributed. 
Beat 2 x eggs in bowl - add to rice mixture - leave to set, (ish) don't let the bottom burn, move the egg about a bit if need be - fold together until done (2 mins) serve

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