Sunday, 1 May 2011

Turkey and sweet potato chili with brown rice

Gently fry chopped onion and garlic, add pepper, chopped kholrabi and fry a little longer  Add chili mix (I often make my own but today was persuaded to use a mix - sod that in future!).  Fry again, add turkey in tiny peices and chopped runner beans and mushrooms.  Add a little water to make sure it does not stick.  Add drained black and kidney beans.  Simmer, then add a tin of tomatoes.  Add about half a pint of water. Cover simmer until done (about 40 minutes - but could be on, or stuck in an oven for much longer and not be ruined).  Serve with brown rice and natural yogurt.  A spritz of lime on serving zings it up a bit.  Victim enjoyed, and I am pleased to have got a low fat, high veg meal into us as we start our health kick.   Loads left for sticking in freezer - and taking to work for nuking.  Egg news:  3 today (my money's on Sophie, Clarissa and Rosemary)

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