Monday, 16 May 2011

Meatloaf ... veg out of hell

Meatloaf - zizz onion and garlic, reload zizzer with bread for breadcrumbs, once zizzed empty into bowl with onions and garlic mush and continue with a courgette or two, and half a red chilli... this is the first secret veg.  Mix zizzed ingredients with minced beef and 2 eggs.  Add herbs, and a good amount of seasoning - squish and mix with hands and put into lined loaf tin.  Bake in bain marie in hot oven for 45 mins +.  Meanwhile I made a slightly spicy tomato sauce (onions, garlic, celery, carrot (secret veg 2 and 3) and chopped tomatoes - splash of lea and perrins, salt and black pepper) simmer on low for however long it takes, adding water if it gets dry.  Also boiled some potato chunks, then put in oven drizzled with olive oil for 15 mins, steamed sweetcorn and runner beans.  Victim left visible green stuff - but that meant 5 types of 6 eaten!  chortle.  Next time will spice meat mixture more, as it was a tad ordinary - maybe just add some spicy BBQ or cajun sauce to the mix.

Chicken news:  Sophie and Rosemary still broody despite frequent de-nesting (chickens swear you know)- only one egg (Clarissa?) and Clarissa trying to become an inside chicken - roaming into the kitchen at the slightest opportunity.

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