Sunday, 11 December 2011

Broccoli and blue cheese soup

Yes... I know, it's too orange for the title!  We had some left over tomatoes, so I chucked them in too - but, fundamentally - it IS broccoli soup with blue cheese and stuff.  Chopped an onion, squashed and chopped a garlic clove and about 3 inches of celery - fry off for a bit - chopped in 2 heads of brocolli, including most of the stalk.  Simmer, simmer, in stock (and left over tin of tomatoes).  Taste, season - add small cubes of cheese (some cornish blue today - but could be stilton... or other blue cheese) TURN HEAT DOWN... melt cheese and keep warm - zizz (as much as you want).. scoff.  Some people don't like blue cheese much (go figure), but even they will eat a bowl full, and then say - "nice, but would have been awesome without the cheese".  Strangely, none left to bung into freezer! :)


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