Sunday, 11 December 2011

left over veggie moussaka soup

In the interests of not cheating - there is only one "oh just whizz up the leftovers and call it soup" soup allowed this month.  I had hoped to save it for later, at least to the 2+ dates - but no! ... 3 generations of victims on top of a full day of work have brought it early.  The dinner was lentil moussaka (hence the title of the soup).. was well received by ALL victims - ages 11- nearly 70, persuasions strictly veggie to confirmed carnivore, dietary pecularities including diabetic, lactose intolerant, nut allergies (and fussy).  Recipe (?) ish for moussaka - sautee 1-2 onions, some chopped celery and carrots and red pepper - 4 cloves of garlic - add greek spice mix (cumin, mint, paprika, black pepper, smidge of cinnamon, oregano).  Meanwhile, peel potatoes and chop into slices about the thickness of a £1 coin.  Add prepared puy/beluga lentils (or other kind, I like the dark colour and nuttiness - and had some in the cupboard), and 2 tins of chopped tomatoes.  Slice 2 aubergines lengthways (if they are big - salt and drain them - but I don't often bother - they don't seem so bitter these days).  When sauce is done, potatoes are soft - drain potatoes and layer in an oven dish.  Start with lentil sauce, add pretend white sauce (oh yes, forgot that ...natural yogurt mixed with vegetarian parmesan (not lactose free, but lactose low - could be done with soya equivalents)), aubergines, then potatoes - drizzle with olive oil and grind over blacck pepper - stick back in oven - relax - open wine, chat (chuck together green salad),  ... check oven for golden crispiness (about 20-30mins) on top of potatoes - gather victims, sit, serve, bask in glory... stand back as they dive in, in undignified fashion. 

If there are any leftovers, chuck in pan - zizz - check texture - soup!

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