Thursday, 8 December 2011

Suppa chili con carne

Keeping to the spirit of souper December, coupled with the very stormy weather today made me think of chili - and I had seen it on a blog a while ago so feel justified ( in claiming it as a soup.  What is the definition of soup anyway?  According to the Free Dictionary "A liquid food prepared from meat, fish, or vegetable stock combined with various other ingredients and often containing solid pieces." OK - it counts. Chop onion, celery and red pepper;  saute in olive oil.  Add chopped mushrooms, crushed garlic and chili spices.  Add mince and brown a little, add two tins of chopped tomatoes, some stock and simmer.  Simmer a bit more.  Add drained kidney beans and simmer a bit more.  Serve topped with avocado, natural yogurt and chili and a squirt of lime juice.  Victim scoffed happily, but claims again that I am a wuss with the chili.  

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