Sunday, 11 December 2011

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

Under pressure from 3 generations of victims from one side of the family... they went home .. then we got the outlaws back for usual Sunday treatment.. so, to keep to Souper December this had to be easy.  Stuck a chicken breast in the oven along with the bake (potato, minced pork, onion, celariac, apple with mustard and cider)... to poach in water for 15(ish) mins.  Meanwhile.. usual onions and garlic - soften in olive oil... then add, splosh of white wine, tin of sweetcorn, most of a chopped red chili, spoonful of left over chopped tomatoes (optional ;) ).  Simmer, for, well .. a bit (stick in oven with 1 extra pint of water, come back 3 hours later will still be fine).  Zizz sweetcorn mix to medium (ie. some still whole kernals, but mostly damaged/ obliterated), shred in chicken breast - sprinkle on any reserved chili rings.  Scoff... serve seconds... observe that there will be none spare for "kitchen fairies" work lunches... result!  Bask in glory of feeding all generations of visitors without complaint... stack dishwasher (again).

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