Monday, 19 December 2011

Chicken, veg and pesto pasta soup

Souper December is petering out a bit.  I tried a Chinese mountain soup mix - but after the required 7 hours simmering it was so revolting that it went straight down the sink, without so much as a pic.  This however, was a chucked together lunch because we were starving and it was delicious, probably even more so because we were starving, but every gathered victim had seconds, so it must have been good.  Sautee 2 chopped onions, good amount of celery and carrots in olive oil, add chicken breast cut into bite sized pieces, brown slightly.  Add just "too much" crushed garlic, turn over in oil and add chicken stock.  Simmer for a few minutes add chopped tomatoes and chicken stock.  When pasta is done stir in pesto.

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