Sunday, 14 February 2016

Smoked haddock, spinach and a poached egg

You can't beat poached egg and smoked haddock!  Except by adding tiny roasted potatoes and some lightly steamed spinach with spring onions.  ... yum!

The potatoes are started way ahead of anything else - chop, par boil, and then put into hot oven dish in olive oil - for 40 minutes.  Everything else starts 25 minutes later ....

Then, put the water for poaching the eggs on to boil, add a splash of cider vinegar.

Now, get 2 pans ready 1 medium frying pan for the fish, and a second wok or large frying pan for the spinach.

Next, coat the fish, lightly, with olive oil.

Put the pans on to heat.

When they are hot - put the fish, skin side down into frying pan.  Break eggs into water, count to 10 and turn off.  Splash cold water into hot wok - follow by spinach leaves and shredded spring onion - toss about.

Turn the fish over.  Turn the other pans off ..... wait for 2 minutes.

Serve... the potatoes should be crispy, the fish should be just done, the spinach wilted - and the egg yolk oozy.

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