Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Baked trouts with almonds

Welcome back to the 70s!  I seem to be on a roll with this fish baking malarky at the moment, tonight's was trout circa 1973 with the addition of flaked almonds!

Still simple as .....

Olive oil
White wine
Flaked almonds

1.  Wash and chop potatoes, par boil and then roast in olive oil, in a hot oven.  The potatoes will take about an hour - the fish 30 minutes tops.
2.  As the potatoes are roasting prepare the veg - peel and chop and toss in crushed garlic and olive oil.  Place in the bottom of another roasting pan.
3.  Lay the fish on top of the veg and drizzle with olive oil, splash a little white wine on the veg so that it helps create some steam.
4.  Bake fish for about 15 minutes, fling on flaked almonds and bake for 15 more minutes.

Scoff.  Absolutely delicious - check the fish after 20 minutes, you don't want it over cooked - the veg being al dente is no bad thing.

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