Friday, 11 March 2016

Soya mince spag bog

This is a dish you have to start in advance.  The soya mince needs soaking, then boiling, then simmering... and then you start the spaghetti sauce!  To get a depth of flavour into the sauce you need to simmer it all for a good 40 minutes plus.  The 3 stage process is tasty, but if you want a quicker fix - I would go with lentil spaghetti.

Soya mince

Olive oil
mixed herbs
Black pepper
Tinned tomatoes
Tomato ketchup
Red wine
American mustard

Gluten free spaghetti

1.  Follow the instructions on the packet for the soya mince - rinsing, soaking and simmering in my case ... or buy some frozen stuff and start at 2.
2.  Sweat chopped onions in olive oil, add other chopped veg (could have used peppers, aubergine, mushrooms, green beans etc) and herbs ... contine to sweat for a little.
3.  Add drained soya mince, turn over and fry a little.
4.  Add tomatoes, wine, stock and mustard ... simmer for a good while (30 mins?)
5.  Boil pasta according to packet instructions.
6.  Drain pasta, stir in a tiny smidge of sauce to stop it sticking ,,, then serve and scoff

So far it's all GF and vegan ,.. but a really good parmesan adds flavour ... and there is no need for pasta to be GF unless your diet requires it!

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