Friday, 11 March 2016

Turbot! roast potatoes and sweet potatoes

Paul the fish had turbot!  I have never eaten turbot, but I have heard how fabulous it is.  And, oh, it is lovely!  Firm, but delicate, really tasty.

We had run out of potatoes (well, nearly) so I added sweet potatoes to the mini roasties, and we had it with simple peas... delish.

Par-boil bite sized pieces of potato and sweet potato, the roast in olive oil with garlic for an hour(ish).

10 minutes before serving pan fry the turbot in hot oil and butter, skin side down - and start the water for the peas.

2 minutes before serving turn the fish over to finish the flesh side ... drain the peas... it really is as simple as that ... and award winningly gorgeous.

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