Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Seafood paella

The joy of a freezer!  Didn't know what to do for dinner, and lots of people here, so had a ferret about in the freezer - frozen squid, seafood salad, king prawns, red peppers and peas ... well, that was pretty much decided then - seafood paella.

Olive oil
spring onions
mixed herbs
short grained rice (1 small handful per person)
white wine
roasted red peppers
tinned chopped tomatoes
seafood salad
king prawns

Allow all frozen things, except peas, to thaw.

You need two frying pans - one enormous for the paella, and one smaller for the prawns.

1.  Put olive oil in both pans, but only put the heat under the big one.
2.  Saute the spring onions and celery in the big pan, for a few minutes.  Then add crushed garlic - add a clove of crushed garlic to the cold oil in the other pan now too, it saves faff later.
3.  Add turmeric and mixed herbs to the softenned veg, turn over a time or two.
4.  Add the rice, and turn over in the oil to make sure that every grain in slightly coated.
5.  Splash in white wine and simmer until it is absorbed.
6.  Add chopped peppers, paprika and some stock or water.  Simmer until absorbed.  Repeat for about 12 minutes.
7.  Add squid rings.
8.  Turn heat under the other pan and grate in small piece of fresh ginger and chuck in a good pinch of chili flakes.
9.  Add the seafood salad to the paella, and the prawns to the garlic mixture.
10.  Add the peas to the paella, and take off the heat.  Allow the rice to suck up the rest of the juice for a few minutes.

Serve, scoff ... gathered people will be impressed.

I'm sorry, I don't add amounts, as I measure by eye - just use common sense, and what is available!

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