Monday, 4 April 2016


This recipe is adapted from Sally Butcher's 2011 book "Veggiestan".

I made up a spice mix, and then made the casserole.  I used vegetables which I had in the fridge, others could easily be substituted.

The spice mix is HOT, so my advice, if you would like to make something similar is to treat it with caution.  The spice mix would also be good for a chicken casserole.

So, ...

Baked potatoes

Stab potatoes with a fork, and coat lightly with olive oil - these were huge, so 20 minutes in the microwave, then 1 hour in the oven.

Mung bean casserole

Olive oil
Chopped onion
Qorma-3-Maash spice mix
Red pepper
Mung beans - 2 handfuls

1.  Sautee the chopped onion in the oil, until it is softenned.
2.  Add no more than 1 tbsp spice mix .... this will be quite hot ...!
3.  Add prepared root veg and stir in.  Add chopped pepper.
4.  Chuck in the mung beans and cover with stock or water.  Simmer for about 30-40 minutes.  Add more liquid if it looks like it is getting dry.
5.  When the mung beans are cooked - (squash them between your fingers) - add about 4 chopped tomatoes and some shredded kale (I think spinach would be more authentic, but I had kale).  Simmer for about another 10 minutes.
6.  Serve - we had baked potatoes, but you could put potatoes in the casserole and serve with rice or bread.

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