Monday, 11 April 2016

Jewelled rice pilaf

My photography skills do not do this justice - but the spice mix is delicious, and it's actually very easy.

The recipe is a simplification of very sophisticated persian banquet rice.

I served it with grated carrot, roast chicken thighs and asparagus - but it could be served with all sorts of lovely things, or even, with a few extra nuts and veggies on its own as a starter.

Basmati rice - about 250g - enough for 4ish
Olive oil
Jewelled rice mix (available from The Mediterranean Pantry)
Carrot, grated

If you, like me, are serving with roast chicken (whole or pieces) start with that - I put thighs in a baking dish with olive oil, crushed garlic and the juice of half a lemon.  Drizzle oil over the top - stick into the oven, and let it do its stuff.

1.  Cook your rice - I put it in a heavy pot, cover - plus 1 inch, with water - bring to the boil, lid on and in a lowish oven for 20 minutes.  This is a very forgiving method, but otherwise, just follow the packet instructions.
2.  Chop the onions and sweat down gently in the olive oil.

At this point you might want to start steaming any other veg, eg. asparagus, beans ...

3.  Keep the onions on a medium heat and add the spice mix.  Stir, then add a half cup of water.
4.  Cook through, gently, for a few minutes.
5.  Remove half of the rice to a serving dish, stir the rest of the rice into the spice mix.
6.  Combine the spiced rice, and the plain rice, to give a bit of a marbled effect - and serve.

Serve with grated carrot, salad ... or whatever else you fancy.

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