Monday, 4 April 2016

Cajun butter bean pie with asparagus

This is Cajun because I used blackened cajun seasoning - I claim no other level of authenticity.  It was quite spicy, but tasty and good for you.

I used coconut oil for the first time, after hearing so much about the health benefits.  It works well, and does not impart any coconuttiness.  I did give in and drizzle olive oil over the potatoes to get them to crisp up a bit.

Potatoes, skin on, chopped into bite sized pieces

Coconut oil
Chopped onion
Crushed garlic
Chopped celery
Cajun seasonning
Peeled and chopped carrot
Chopped red pepper
Butter beans
Tin of chopped tomatoes
olive oil

1.  Put the potatoes in salted water to boil.
2.  Sautee onion in coconut oil.
3.  Add chopped carrot and celery, with the crushed garlic and the spice mix to the onion.  Let soften briefly, then add red pepper.
4.  After about 10 minutes add butter beans and tomatoes, with about half a tin of water.  Simmer briefly.
5.  The potatoes will now be par boiled, drain them.
6.  Tip the butter bean mixture into an oven dish.  Tumble on the potatoes - gently pushing them to cover the mix.  Drizzle with olive oil and bake, in a hottish oven, for about 30-40 minutes.
7.  15 minutes before you want to serve, take the woody ends off the asparagus, and steam it.

15 minutes later - it should all be done - serve and scoff.

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