Monday, 25 April 2016

Veggie sausage and mash

Sometimes it's the only thing which will hit the spot.  Not really a recipe, but I have included it as I did the sausages in a nice tomato and onion gravy (with peas), and added cabbage to the mash.

Potatoes, peeled and cubed
Cahhage, shredded
Olive oil
Garlic, crushed
Veggie sausages (these were Linda McCartney's)
Tomato puree
Veggie stock
Butter/Margarine/Olive oil

1.  Boil the potatoes, steam the cabbage on top.
2.  Gently fry the onions in olive oil, then add the sausages and garlic.
3.  After a couple of minutes add a squite of tomato puree to the sausages, and about 1/2 pint of veggie stock - simmer.  Add peas to the sauce after about 10 minutes.
4.  About 12-15 minutes later everything will be ready.  Mash the potatoes, add butter and cabbage.
5.  Serve, scoff, sleep.

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