Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bonfire night casserole with roasted bulgar groats

I have had some criticism about my presentation so I tried a bit harder.  I don't think it's achieved much!  The roasted bulgar groats were in a ring in the middle of the dish, with the lentil casserole as a moat, and the cavolo nero as a free form bonfire on the top.   Whatever! It tasted great.  I have never had roasted bulgar groats and they work really well.

I love cavolo nero, but wanted it to stand as a dish so stirred in a sauce of yogurt and mustard ... it was LOVELY.

So ....

Start with the lentil casserole

olive oil
squash, peeled etc , in bite sized pieces
puy lentils
(other veg...)
tsp marmite
mixed herbs
black pepper

1. Sautee chopped leek in olive oil for a few mins, on middling heat.  Add other veg, lentils and water... season.  Simmer for about 20 minutes - add water if it's going dry.
2.  Adjust seasoning., make sure there is enough water ... simmer a bit more.
3.  After about 30 minutes lentils should be soft and all other veg cooked.


Boil the bulgar groats according to packet instructions (15 mins in boiling water)... draind and serve

Cavolo nero with yogurt mustartd sauce

Cavolo nero (or other green cabbage) - chopped, and steamed
Natural yogurt
Lemon juice (tiny squeeze)
Salt and pepper
Mustard (to taste)

Steam:- on top of the bulgar boiling water- shredded cavolo nero (I LOVE this vegetable) - when it is steamed stir it into the mustard/yogurt mixture.

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