Friday, 10 February 2012

Chicken, salami and fennel macaroni

It's been a bit of a week this week - no repeat February is on track, but only through victim making a roast lamb dinner (on a Tuesday!) and a VILE take away pizza on Wednesday.  Managed to throw some dinner together last night - easy and quick macaroni with stuff in it.  Chopped and softenned some veggies in olive oil with garlic (leeks, fennel, celery, mushrooms and red pepper) - chucked in diced chicken breast and some chopped up salami.  Boil macaroni.  Bung it all in together when macaroni is nearly cooked.  Add some of the macaroni water, so that the mixture doesn't dry up too much - chucked in jar of pesto and small tub of greek yogurt. Baked for 10 minutes or so.  Top with lots of black pepper.  Easy, tasty and filling.

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