Sunday, 12 February 2012

Morrocan lamb and pine nuts

This weekend has been a roller coaster of good food, big challenges and rubbish pics.  We have had - diabetic, coeliac, lactose intolerant, heart conditions and nut allergies - and also.... - elderly and damaged dogs... antisocial cats and chickens wanting to invade the kitchen.  And ... I left the memory card out of the camera, so most of the triumphs (and I was impressed, though I say it myself) ... are unrecorded. But, for the record of no repeat February .. last night we had - pork, apple, celery and green bean casserole, with rice and red cabbage, followed by gluten free waffles with ice cream and fruit (diabetic ice cream specially sourced) - today we had a big breakfast (again - no card in the camera).  And for dinner - morrocan savoury lamb (?) with rice and carrots in orange juice.  (Morrocan lamb mince - sautee onions and some crushed garlic, celery, mushrooms, butternut squash, lamb mince, courgette and green beans,,, (smidge of chili, bigger smidge of cinnamon, and some herbs) .. fry, add stock, simmer for  a bit... serve with extras (carrots, steam... fry gently in olive oil for seconds and add squirt of orange juice).  Victims are all fed - some appreciative, some less so - you have family - you understand :).

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