Monday, 20 February 2012

Pot roast beef

Bargain roll of brisket needed long, slow cooking - so in the pot it went with onions, celery, bay leaves, wine, loads of seasoning, stock and a carton of passata.  Left to bubble away for 5 hours.  Sliced potato and onion in stock joined it, in another pot, for the last 2 hours.  Since it was going to be a long job thought I might as well bung in some red cabbage and onion in some orange juice with fennel seeds to bake for a couple of hours too. Later, about 30 minutes before kick off,  mixed some green veg and steamed them.  Gathered victims have a frozen pea fetish, so boiled up a few of them at the end.  Scoffed by all, seconds were had.

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