Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Yummy yummy curry

Yummy, yummy (as it's known round these parts) curry - is actually chicken curry, with a fairly standard mix of ingredients (veg change depending on what's in the fridge).  The yummy yummy comes from the creaminess, this often comes from greek yogurt, but this time was actual - real - cream... mixed in at the end.  Recipe (vague) - soften chopped onion, optional leek, optional celery and some crushed garlic in oil until  translucent - then chuck in enthusiastically - chopped pepper (usually red/orange/yellow ... green if it's all I've got), mushrooms, courgettes, squash/pumpkin, carrots, had all those - so chucked 'em in if I had available green beans, turnips, swede, aubergine, cauliflower, sweet potato, potato...... etc any/all of them could go in too.  Stir in curry paste/ curry powder mixed with water to a paste (I used a mixture of chana masala paste & biriyani dry mixture because I think they balance well - but whatever is in the back of the cupboard - to taste - if it's too mild add i) chili, ii) black pepper, iii) tabasco or iv) garam masala towards the end of cooking.  If it's too hot add i) sugar (go easy), ii) yogurt/ cream, iii) shed loads more ingredients and tomatoes.)  Add chopped chicken pieces while you can still see the bottom of the pan when you move the chopped veg - stir them in until they are all a little bit cooked on the outside (ie. they re all white, and not raw, some may well be browner).  Add tin or two of (chopped) tomatoes and some water, stock.  Bring to the boil, and then simmer - or stick in medium oven for a bit (30 mins will do - an hour would be better).   A few minutes before serving take off heat, add frozen peas if you want,  when it has cooled down a little stir in cream/ yogurt (or a mixture). Serve, scoff.  Victim gave it 7/10... points lost on presentation and not having "all those little picky bits" ... ho hum - school night, not a restaurant and all that...

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