Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pancakes, a day or so late, but lactose free

One year I'll get to pancakes on the right day, but obviously not this year.  Chuck about a cup of flour in a bowl and add a decent pinch of salt.  Whisk through to break up any tiny lumps, and introduce some air (lazy seiving).  Make a bit of a well in the middle and crack in an egg.  Splash in some soya milk.  Whisk in flour by starting with the whisk in the centre of the egg and breaking it open, stir around gently incorporating soya milk and flour.  When it starts coming together into a paste add some more soya milk and repeat ... what you are aiming to do is to draw the flour into the mixture without generating any lumps, so add more soya milk and whisk again until the consisitency is like double cream.  Leave to stand for 20 minutes, whisk again. On a crepe pan, or frying pan, heat - to hot - the smallest amount of peanut oil - you really only need a film - I have done it by wiping kitchen paper dipped in oil on the surface, but usually can't be bothered.  When pan is hot add ladle of mixture and swirl into a pancake.  Leave on the heat until pancake moves with a bit of a shake - then flip and cook the other side.  Yum - served, tonight, traditionally with lemon and sugar.  Infact it was that squeezy lemon out of the lemon bottle - but I thought it tasted of plastic, so will not be tempted by that again - it was the down to victim having a flash of nostalgia.  Victim loved them - I think even the plastic lemon nostalgia thing.

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  1. so, I'm either 5 days early, or 363 days late! Pancake day is NEXT Tuesday.


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