Wednesday, 1 February 2012

No repeats February

Time to give it another go - no repeat dinners through February - so that's meat and potato pie already used up.  That doesn't mean that we couldn't have another 27 pies... but not that particular combination - at least 1 major ingredient HAS to be different.  ie. could be chicken and veg, could not be mince, leek and potato.  Left-overs do not count (smirk... meat and potato pie for lunch tomorrow).


  1. Update: no repeat February: EPIC FAIL. Didn't have chance to eat lunch so left overs were tea on 2nd. Fail on 1st challenge! Dinner at friends tonight - spinach and mushroom lasagne - so will try not to do that (though it was delish) - please note I have not said "veggie lasagne", or even "lasagne" - these options are still allowable :)

  2. 2nd update: camera fail - left the card out for pic of chicken biryani. Not upset that I can't do that again this month. Leftovers will be going into dof, and not kitchen fairy pots. The beef one which victim made a couple of weeks ago was much tastier.


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