Saturday, 10 May 2014

beetroot and carrot burgers with crispy, herbed courgette

Veg box surplus of beetroot and carrot - yay!  these burgers are delicious.

No, really, I promise - delicious!

Some beetroot
Some carrots
an onion or more
garlic, crushed
rolled oats
olive oil
cheddar cheese
salt and pepper

cornmeal (polenta)
salt and pepper, and herbs

1.  Grate cleaned carrots and beetroot.
2.  Add crushed garlic, herbs, seasoning (chili if you fancy) oats, a good glug of olive olive oil and mix well.
3. slice courgette, toss with polenta - with salt pepper and herbs.
4.  Heat olive oil in 2 frying pans - start frying burgers first, then courgette..
5.  Turn burgers over, put sliced/grated cheese on top.
6.  Start frying courgette slices in hot olive oil - dont keep tossing - turn when done on one side..

when done - scoff - with mayonniase to taste

Don't add the cheese or mayonnaise and it's vegan and lactose free too.

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