Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Baked potatoes, spicy pork mince, root "mash" ... and the rest

It's a root vegetable festival - not one but 4 different varieties.  Potatoes, carrots, swede and beetroot.

The beetroot was done before - roasted in their skins with garlic - then peeled and sploshed on olive oil and balsamic.

The dhal and curried veg were leftovers from here.

Baked potatoes - prick with fork, rub with olive oil - bake.

Root veg mash - peel and chop into even sized peices 4 carrots, 1 swede and 1/2 a big butternut squash - boil, add butter and loads of black pepper - slash many times with a sharp knife.

Spicy pork mince - sautee leek, celery and garlic in olive oil, add mince, brown off a bit, add a spoonful of mustard, a teaspoon of moussaka seasoning (or other spice/herb mix), add about a pint of chicken stock - simmer.

Serve, allow veggies to eat veggies and carnivores to scoop up loads of mince - actually the veg dodger had thirds of the carroty thing!

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