Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mexican wraps

Nothing beats a lovely DIY construction of messy Mexican bits and pieces - some of us enjoyed a lovely mix of meats (or halloumi) refried beans, red peppers and onion, rice and salads snuggled together in a wholewheat wrap ... some of us ... who shall remain nameless - stuffed as much steak and chicken as possible - with a teaspoon of refried beans - into a similar wrap - and scoffed their own meaty concoction with barely an eyebrow raised towards the veg!

Olive oil
Kidney beans
Chilli flakes
Cumin seeds
Tomato puree

Red pepper


Chicken breast

7 wholegrains - microwavable packet
Salad leaves

1.  Start the refried beans by frying chopped onion, crushed garlic, cumin seeds and chili flakes in olive oil.  Add a drained tin of kidney beans and a bit squirt of tomato puree, with a can of water.  Simmer gently, then crush with a potato masher ... spritz in the juice of half a lime.
2.  Make the guacamole by mixing finely chopped onion, avocado, tomatoes with the juice of half a lime.
3.  Cut the chicken breast into strips and season with cajun seasoning.
4.  Fry onions with strips of carrot and red pepper, adding a pinch of cajun seasonning.
5.  In multiple frying pans cook the chicken strips, the halloumi and sear the steak briefly.  Make sure that you rest the steak before cutting into strips.
6. Bang the grains into the microwave and put everything in the middle of the table, with some salad leaves.
7.  Stand back as the carnevores hone in on the meat!
8.  Eat your wrap, and then beat a hasty retreat leaving the large stack of washing up for someone else :)

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