Thursday, 23 February 2017

Red pepper pasta

Occasionally I look in the fridge to see that I have built up a glut of something - this time it was red pepper (which is unusual because I can bung it in nearly anything) - so, I decided to make it the main veg of this easy pasta dish.  The pasta is gluten free, but obviously it doesn't have to be.  The only non vegan ingredient is the cheddar, so miss that out, or replace with tofu, and it could be vegan too.

There are lots of varieties of gluten free pasta available now - we stock 9 varieties at The Mediterranean Pantry at the moment, all of them delicious. I also have olive oil, veg stock, tomato puree, olives and herbs. Cheddar is available from The Crumbly Cheese, and vegetables from Garry outside - so once again, can be fully sourced from Todmorden Market.

Olive oil
Red pepper
Italian herbs
Tomato puree
Vegetable stock
Baby spinach

1.  Make the sauce - sautee chopped onion and celery in olive oil, add crushed garlic and a sprinkle of italian herbs.
2. Add chopped pepper and soften a little, add chopped mushrooms.
3.  When veg is a little bit soft add tomato puree and veg stock and simmer until it forms a glossy sauce, the add a few sliced olives.
4.  Put the pasta on.
5.  When the pasta is done drain it.  Turn the heat off the sauce.
6.  Chuck the pasta, a huge handful of baby spinach and cubed cheddar into the sauce and stir until it's all mixed.
7.  Serve, scoff ...

The cheese mixed into the pasta is a change from melting it on the top - as you eat your way through the nice comforting bowl of tasty sauce you come across half melted little cubes of salty sweetness - it's great.

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