Saturday, 23 July 2016

Is it a moussaka? is it a cottage pie? it is tasty and filling

Currently at Kitchen Fairies HQ there are 4 people.  These people are all special! in that special! kind of way.  1 - me - lactose intolerant, allergic to pineapple (not that that worries me, pineapple is easy to avoid!), 1 - vegetarian, but will eat fish and loves cheese,  1 - omnivore, but by preference would avoid all vegetables, 1 - lactose intolerant omnivore, likes vegetables but hates celery, wary of too many spices - so, making meals which are inclusive can be a challenge.  Making a round of tea is a challenge, to be fair, as 4 people now requires 4 sorts of milk (soya, semi-skimmed, lactose free dairy, coffee mate creamer (don't ask))... Anyway, long story short - I thought about a moussaka, as we had aubergine and courgette in the fridge, but then we were too hungry to assemble it all and have it bake longer - so we ended up with a lentil stew with separate potatoes, and cheese for those who can handle it.  The meat eater just had to put up with it for once!  Actually - everybody went back for seconds, so it was a success.

Olive oil
Celery (shhh)
Mixed herbs
Brown lentils
Tinned tomatoes
Pinch of chili
Small pinch of cinnamon
Grated cheese

1.  Sautee chopped onions in olive oil, add finely chopped carrots and celery and crushed garlic.  Sprinkle in mixed herbs.
2.  Add brown lentils and a jug of stock, simmer.
3.  Slice and boil potatoes.
4.  Add chopped aubergine and courgette to the lentil mixture, sprinkle in chili and cinnamon, simmer more.
5.  After about 15 minutes add 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, simmer more, season to taste.
6.  Drain potatoes and put into oven dish, slosh with olive oil and put in the oven to crisp up (for a bit  longer than we managed to get them nice and golden.
7.  Just before serving add spinach, stir it in to wilt.
8.  Serve, with or without grated cheese.  Scoff - return for seconds (thirds in one case).

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