Thursday, 7 July 2016

Steak and roasted new potatoes, with garlic mushrooms.

Fantastic sirloin steak from J. Melling - quality butcher's from Todmorden Indoor Market - deserved simple treatment to bring out its natural flavours.  SO, back to the '70s we went - pepper steak, garlic mushrooms and some roasted new potatoes ... beat that!

Olive oil
Brandy (optional)
Sirloin steak
Black pepper
Salad leaves.

1.  Parboil the potatoes, then roast in olive oil for about 40 minutes.
2.  Sautee chopped onion in olive oiil, add crushed garlic.
3.  Add chopped mushrooms to the onions, and a splash of brandy.  Fry a bit - and when done, put in the oven to keep warm.
4.  Rub a splash of olive oil onto the steak, and grind on a little black pepper.  Fry in a HOT griddle pan, for a few minutes on each side (1-2 for blue, 2 for rare, 3 ish for medium rare etc - depending on the thickness of the steak).
5.  Take the steak out of the pan, and onto a plate LEAVE IT TO REST ... got it!  it's important - so LEAVE IT TO REST for at least half the time you cooked it for.
6.  Serve, with salad, scoff, smile.

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