Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Carrot and cabbage curry, with dhal and rice

Open fridge, see ... not that much ... some spring onions, some carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and half a cabbage, add some rice, lentils, garlic, spices and a paratha each ..faff about a bit and .... ta dah! dinner!

1.  Put 1 cup of rice and 2 cups of water in a pot.  Bring to the boil, lid on turn RIGHT down.
2.  Boil lentils.
3.  For the curry, start with curry spices (fennel seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, tumeric) onions, garlic and some grated ginger - in olive oil.
4.  Add diced carrot and water/stock, simmer for a bit.
5.  Add chopped mushrooms, shredded carrots and halved cherry tomatoes.
6.  When nearly cooked add garam masala to taste.
7.  Prepare the tarka for the dhal ... in olive oil heat curry leaves, cardamon, a little chilli and cumin.
8.  Throw the tarka onto the dhal, fry the paratha on each side.

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