Monday, 9 May 2016

Sunday roast - budget version

We seem to be having a bit of a run on baby roast potatoes at the moment, but they are sooooo good.

This is another VERY simple, but delicious dinner, and again - all available from Todmorden Market.

Olive oil
Chicken legs
Roast chicken seasoning
Spring greens

1.  Cut potatoes into bite sized pieces, boil for 10 minutes.
2.  Put olive oil in 2 oven dishes - one for the potatoes, and one for the chicken.
3.  Put the potato one in the oven to warm up.  Put the chicken in the other, with 3 halved cloves of garlic, a sprinkle of roast chicken seasoning and a slice of lemon.  Chuck it in the oven.
4.  Drain the potatoes, add to the hot olive oil, and roast for 1 hour(ish).
5.  Prep the veg, and then steam for the last 12 minutes of everything else cooking.  When you put the veg on - have a look at the chicken - baste it with the juices.

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