Monday, 9 May 2016

Sea trout, roast potatoes and roast mediterranean vegetables

Another winner from Paul the fish on Todmorden market!  Garlic, olive oil and greek salad seasoning from The Mediterranean Pantry - and the rest from Garry the veg!

This takes an hour and a half start to finish - but after 15 minutes there is not much to do until the final 15 minutes.

Olive oil
Red onion
Red pepper
Greek salad seasoning
Sea trout

1.  Wash potatoes and cut into bite sized pieces - par boil.
2.  Add olive oil to 2 big oven dishes, one for the potatoes and one for the veg.  Put the potatoes one in the oven to warm up.
3.  Prep veg into bite sized pieces and put into second oven dish, sprinkle with salad seasoning and turn over in the oil.  Bake.
4.  Drain potatoes and put into oven dish - roast for 1 hour +.
5.  Chat, wash the dog, do some gardening ... whatever.... 15 minutes before serving...
6.  Turn potatoes and veg over in their pans.
7.  Pan fry the sea trout in olive oil - 3-6 minutes each side (depends how big it is).  Squirt of lemon juice, grind of black pepper ... all done.

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