Saturday, 21 May 2016

Skate wings with saffron sauce

 Paul, the fish, had skate wings.  I have never cooked, or even eaten skate wings - so I thought I would give it a bash.

Most of the recipes found after a quick and dirty search of t'interweb were all about capers and gherkins and that ... but then I found one with saffron sauce ... ah hah, so I thought I would try something along those lines - and it was, though I say it myself damn good.

Baby potatoes
White wine
Green beans
Olive oil
Skate wings
Creme fraiche

1.  Cut potatoes into "chips" and toss in olive oil, roast in the top of a hot oven for 30+ minutes, until done.
2.  Soak saffron in a glass of white wine for 10 minutes, then transfer to a pan add about the same volume of stock and a small peeled carrot, heat up.
3.  Steam the veg over the wine mixture.
4.  When veg is done transfer to oven dish and keep warm.
5.  Strain the saffron mix and return to the pan.
6.  Pan fry the skate wings in oil and butter, a few minutes on each side.
7.  Finish the sauce by whisking about 2 tbsps of creme fraiche into the reduced wine mix.

Serve, scoff ... the saffron really works well with the soft delicate flesh of the skate.  (Pulling the meat of the fish down the wing with a fork seems to be the best way of tackling the scoffing part).

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