Thursday, 16 June 2016

Carrot and sweetcorn fritters, cajun wedges and salad

A glut of carrots required some inventive thinking - and we haven't had fritters for a bit.  I added cumin as it goes really well with carrot, and a mix of cornmeal and buckwheat flour to give the batter some body.   The steamed cabbage doesn't necessarily go, but it is finish up the veg box time  The added salad goes very well.

Olive oil
Cajun seasoning

Red onion

Buckwheat flour
Soya milk
Natural yogurt

1.  Cut the potatoes into wedges, dust with cajun seasoning and roast in olive oil.
2.  Make the batter by whisking eggs, soya milk (or regular milk) and a big spoonful of yogurt into the flours.  Keep beating until smooth - it should be a bit thicker than double cream in consistency.
3.  Grate carrots, drain sweetcorn and finely chop red onion, mix together.  Mix in a good pinch of cumin seeds, salt and pepper.
4.  Mix together the batter and the veg.
5  Fry blobs of mixture for 2-3 minutes each side, in olive oil.  Fry them in batches to not overcrowd the pan, and keep them warm while you finish them.

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