Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Smoked anchovy scrambled eggs

A lovely chap who pops in the shop said that he does scrambled eggs with anchovies!  Well, I had never even thought of that - but I happened to have some extremely good smoked anchovies in the fridge, quite a glut of bantam eggs - and it was time for brunch.  So, I tried this, and it was delicious.

Served with toasted ciabatta roll, and served with a few fresh radishes, cos why not.

Olive oil
Smoked (or otherwise) anchovies
Salt and pepper

1.  In a frying pan melt butter with olive oil.
2.  Over a lowish heat add eggs and whisk while they cook slowly.
3.  Add chopped anchovies.
4.  When the eggs are just about set - serve.

Simple, and stunning.

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