Thursday, 9 June 2016

Todmorden tapas

What kind of an idiot sets out to do a whole tapas tea mid-week?  Well, it appears I'm that kind of an idiot.  To be fair, I did pull it together in 30 minutes, but it was quite a busy 30 minutes.

Figs - stuffed with blue cheese - Montagnola, from The Crumbly Cheese is perfect - wrapped in parma ham, with almonds and honey.

Smoked haddock - from Paul the Fish, of course, with chickpeas, red pepper and spinach.

Patatas bravas
Kalamata olives

Olive oil
Chili flakes
Bouillon powder (or other stock)
Red pepper
Blue cheese - montagnola
Parma ham
Chopped tomatoes
Smoked haddock

To do it in 30 minutes:-  turn on your oven, and get 3 biggish frying pans at the ready.

1.  Start with gently frying onion and garlic in olive oil in 2 frying pans.
2.  Chop potatoes into bite sized pieces, and fry in olive oil in another pan.  Let them brown a little, then put a lid on to help them cook through a bit more quickly.  Shake every now and again.
3.  Into one of the pans of onion add red pepper, about 1/2 a cup of stock and a little paprika.  When the red pepper has had a couple of minutes, tin in a drained tin of chickpeas, keep on a low heat.
4.  In the other pan add a pinch of chili flakes and a tin of chopped tomatoes, stir and let simmer very gently while everything else cooks.
5.  Cut a cross in the figs to about a cm from the bottom, and stuff with blue cheese, wrap with parma ham and place in an oven dish.  (In our case it was 2 x stuffed with cheese and wrapped, 2 x stuffed with cheese, no ham, for the veggie, and 2 x wrapped in ham but no cheese for the lactose intolerant!).  Add a few almonds and a teaspoon or so of honey.  Bake in a medium oven for 20 minutes.
6.  Place the haddock onto the chickpea mixture, put a lid on top and let it steam for 8-10 minutes.
7.  Add spinach leaves to the chickpeas and fish, put the lid back on for 2 minutes as it wilts.  Stir the mixture together, breaking the fish up slightly.
8.  Serve the potatoes with the spicy tomato sauce, add a dish of olives and some crusty bread... and tah dah!  Tod tapas.

All sourced from Todmorden market.

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