Thursday, 2 June 2016

Mushroom omelette

 Sometimes something really simple is exactly what you want.  I wasn't sure if it wasn't too simple to post, but actually, does everyone know how to make a good omelette?

We had this with sautee potatoes and a simple salad with balsamic and olive oil drizzled on it.

Olive oil

Red onoin
Herbs (fresh chives in our case)


1.  Chop the potatoes into small chunks and fry in olive oil.  Start at quite a high heat, them when they have started to go golden, turn the heat down and put a lid on - this helps the potatoes cook through more quickly.  Keep your eye on them, and toss/turn periodically to allow even cooking.
2.  Over a medium heat fry the chopped onions, after a couple of minutes add the garlic and mushrooms.  Fry until the mushrooms loose their water, and then the pan becomes almost dry again.  Stir in chopped chives, and set aside.
3.  With a fork whisk 3 eggs, add seasoning.  Pour the eggs into the frying pan, in olive oil (or olive oil and butter) at a medium high heat.  When the egg starts to cook pull it into the centre with a wooden spoon, and tilt the pan to allow the raw egg to fill the gaps.  Keep doing this until it's almost cooked.   Tip in mushroom mixture and fold over.  After a minute turn onto a plate.
4.  Scoff.

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