Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cashew nut stir fry

Fancied a change, and using ingredients available from me at The Mediterranean Pantry, the veg stalls outside and Oriental foods inside ... ta dah - cashew stir fry from Todmorden market! The end result was so good even the meat freak had thirds, and this was completely vegan.

Rice (basmati because that is what I had, should really have been jasmine or something)
Coconut oil (fries well at a high temperature)
Spring onion
Chili flakes
Red pepper
Green beans
Tomato ketchup
Soy sauce
Chinese rice wine
Oyster sauce (vegan)
Chashew nuts
Sesame seeds
Toasted sesame oil.

1.  Prepare all the veg - peel etc and chop into even sized pieces.  The list above is what I used because that's what we had - I would have added beansprouts, pak choi, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, lotus root if I had had any, but this was an English interpretation.
2.  Cook rice by your preferred method - I use abrorption ie.  cover rice in pan with 1 inch of water, bring to the boil, slam on lid, turn heat right down and leave ... but you could also bung it in the microwave.
3.  In a wok/deep frying pan - melt the coconut oil, heat quite high, then add onions, garlic and ginger.  Toss about a bit, then add the rest of the veg and the chili flakes, toss about a bit.  Add wet seasonings and about half a cup of water, simmer for a few minutes.
4.  Slake corflour in water, add to veg, stir in.  Throw in cashew nuts, stir.
5.  Serve, sprinkle with sesame seeds and drizzle lightly with sesame oil.

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